After writing Agents of Evolution in 2021, my life offered me a crucible for transformation I could not have foreseen. A tangy, salty, sweaty, tearful…

January 2023

Reflections on Jane Goodall's Call to Hope

November 2022

More than 30. That’s the latest count of how many beds I’ve slept in since the beginning of the year. More than thirty times I’ve said good night to the…

October 2022

Upgrading the Old Navigation Systems Listen now (4 min) |
Today I present you with a tweak in awareness that Agents of Evolution will want to lean into as we move through the next few months of heightened…

September 2022

Few of us will exit this world without having made some enemies, or at least pissing some people off from time to time. As humans, we may strive to be…

August 2022

On the fractal nature of flows: As systems transform, flows should stay open, unobstructed, for the transformation to complete. If we are to be agents…
Living Into Change as a Form of Play

July 2022

Riffing on some Michael Meade
How is it possible that we pay for water? How is it possible that someone owns water? Is air next? What if you had to pay for air? Would we just accept…

June 2022

Part 2: The Chrysalis and Evolution after Death