What a profound and beautiful question. I have been in a journey over the last year, unravelling my own question about what it means for me to be liberated I had started last year thinking of wanting to write a book on Libertory Design - what does it mean to design something, so in the act, one creates liberation for ourselves and the output is one of liberating the world. It led me on my own journey, to unravel my own traumas that was limiting my internal freedom. I taught a university course on liberatory design, I have been facing my own hurdles, creating practices that tend to the pain. I have let go of many shoulds, and questioned my fundamental things I knew to be truths. I think that is still my most important thing right now- liberatory design. To be able to intentionally create my life that aligns with my values. There are so many things I do to hide or fit into this system. Many of them are no longer needed, and actually articulating my values and creating a life that aligns with that would serve me well. There are just so many internal fears and blockages that prevent me. I actually hope this isn't my final most important thing. I hope it transforms - like once I get to a point where I can freely move and create the world I want for myself, I can then transform much more.

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thank YOU, Marga. I'd been playing with something similar, preparing for

my own reset - asking: what matters MOST?

so I'm grateful for this nuancing - what is the most important thing?

your nudge encourages me to come up with enough to reply NOW!

i'd been rallying between peace, love, connection. joy. truth.

purity, innocence, presence. acceptance and respect.

all good, related qualities. but I'm still searching for the nub to drive me

into a fresh start again. i remember Galway Kinnell's "Prayer":

Whatever happens. Whatever

what is is is what

I want. Only that. But that.

I read it today with fresh eyes. as acceptance, not leaning towards any sort of complacency,

but rather with want calling in joy and agency.

is is is (three in a row!) and that . . . that (in the next line) give a steady groundedness and

the title reminds me of surrender, mystery, taking responsibility of what is mine to care for.

so what is most important to me?

skill in action radiating from and in love. as Krishna tells Arjuna (Bhagaved Gita):

do your work (what's in front of me) without attachment to the fruits.

which takes me back to living my life as seva and understanding a new

fullness to this rich practice. not just selfless service, but Self service. being more mindful

about letting the Self shine through this vessel of me.

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